Has Anyone Bought An Ad In A Movie Theater?

Yesterday in the mail we received an advertisement to place an ad in the movie theater.  The ad would be one of those ones that plays before the movie starts when everybody is trying to grab a seat.  Generally I’m very against paying for advertising which is why everybody in the office was a little surprised when I said I wanted to give this type of adverting a shot.

The only reason I’m even considering this is because it appears to be incredible value.  Basically the arrangement would work like this.

  • We would pay $100 per movie per week to have our ad run on the screen before our selected movie.
  • There would be no contract so we could cancel whenever we want.
  • We would select which movies we wanted to our ad to run before.
  • Movie selections include — Xmen, Harry Potter, Angels and Demons, etc.

Now I’m sure most people are not going to pick up their cellphones in the middle of the movie theater and give us a call but it sure does seem like a good way of spreading awareness of the company brand.  After all its not like the people in the movie theater are going to get up an leave.

What do you think?  Have you or anyone you know of every paid for an ad in the movie theater?

816-437-8386 or info@vizionkc.com

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