Progress On 7744 McGee (Project Waldo) Pt. 5

I plan on putting this house on the market sometime next week.  Tours are slated for the week after.  I stopped by this property earlier today after a showing a 5230 N. Manchester.

As you can see the kitchen has been completed.  I love how brightness of this kitchen and all the cabinets space.

Waldo Kitchen Vizionkc

This is a shot of the eat in portion of this kitchen.  This room has incredible natural light.  The sliding glass door to the left leads out to the patio in the rear of this house .

Eat-in Kitchen Waldo Vizionkc

A decision has finally been made on this tree in the backyard.  As expected our landscaping guys will be cutting this tree down early next week.  Chances are we will also remove the stump so that anyone who looks at this house will never know that a tree ever stood here.

Tree Waldo Vizionkc

This Is Where We Started

What is Project Waldo?

More information on 7744 McGee.

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