Progress On 424 Dartmouth Part 3 (Project Brookside)

Things are really starting to shape up on our renovation of 424 Dartmouth.  I stopped by the property today after checking up on 7744 McGee.

I told you that this is the corner to watch.  In just 3 weeks into the renovation and our crews have already turned this small area into a half bath.

Half Bath Darmouth Vizionkc

This is truly an incredible usage of space by our renovation crews.  My concern ever since I heard about the placement of this half bath was that we would take up to much space.  As you can see my concerns were a little off base.  Once again I’ve learned not to doubt Billy Waldo.  This is picture of the tile which has already been set. Half Bath vizionkc

Just one more shot of this half bath.  It’s hard to believe that this was not originally part of this room.

Half Bath

The kitchen is still far from becoming the typical one from kitchen but if you look closely you can see it starting to come together.  It looks like most of the electic work and plumbing work has been completed.  This fridge is becoming a story onto itself.  It’s very rare that we find a fridge in one our houses that’s in this good of condition I’m really wondering what’s going to happen to it.  The office already has 2 fridges I don’t think we need another one.


This is shot of the full bath upstairs.  Both the tub and tile floors have been set.

Tub Vizion Dartmouth

This Is Where We Started

More Information On 424 Dartmouth

What is Project Brookside?

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