Progress On 1010 W 70th Tr (Project Brookside) Part 1

We’re in the beginning stages of our renovation at 1010 W 70th tr.  I assure you that while these pictures are very rough once this remodel has been completed this will be one of the nicest houses on the block.

We might as well start things off in the kitchen.  As you can see our crews have already gutted most of the kitchen.  We will be doing some minor floor repair on this house as well as completely changing the layout of the kitchen.  Generally we don’t change the layout of the house but when doing a custom renovation like this anything is possible.


This is another shot of the kitchen from a different angle.  After you’ve seen a couple of these renovations take place its pretty easy to see where the cabinets and counter are going to be located.  I’m sure you can imagine how they will layout in this kitchen.


This is going to become the master bathroom.  As you can see our crews have several weeks of work ahead of them before this house will be ready to call a home.


Just as a reminder this house is a custom home renovation.  The end buyer is already in place.  If your looking for a Vizion home in Brookside I would recommend checking out 444 Dartmouth.  Our crews have their work cut out for them on this house.  As always check back for weekly updates.  For those of you still wondering if we do custom home renovations the answer is yes.  This is proof.

This Is Where We Started

What is Project Brookside?

More Info On 1010 W 70th Tr

816-372-7855 or

What Is Project Waldo?

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