Progress On 1010 W 70th Pt. 2 (Project Brookside)

I stopped by the custom renovation at 1010 W 70th today after stopping by our renovation at 424 Dartmouth.  While not much has taken place on the outside the inside of this house is slowly coming along.

The new door for the new halfbath has been cut out of the wall in the living room.  You may remember that half bath is being moved in from left side of the kitchen to right.  Moving the halfbath allows the house to flow better and also makes more space in the kitchen.

Living Room Brookside, Vizionkc

The say the kitchen is the heart of the house and if that’s true than this kitchen is undergoing open heart surgery.  Now that this space has been cleared out and the sevearl of the new floor boards have been installed you can really see how large this kitchen is going to be.

Kitchen Brookside vizionkc

I’m going to use this picture as my reference point for the kitchen transformation.  Can’t you just envision how the cabinets will and countertops will layout on this wall?

Kitchen Brookside

As you can see the masterbathroom is still in its begining stages.  It’s always interesting to see a bathroom at this stage.  Right now you can see right down stairs into the kitchen.

Bathroom, Vizionkc,

Were still several weeks away from this renovation being completed.  We’re shooting for an April due date.

This Is Where We Started

What is Project Brookside?

More Info On 1010 W 70th Tr

816-372-7855 or

What Is Project Waldo?

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