Progress On 424 Dartmouth Pt. 5 (Project Brookside)

Even though we got an unexpected 4 inches of snow I was still able to run out and grab a few progress pictures of our renovation at 424 Dartmouth.  This renovation is about a week away from being completed.

The new garage door has been installed.  Unlike most of the houses we’ve done in the Brookside area this one has a full fenced backyard.

Garage Brookside Vizionkc

The floor refinishing and the interior paint has been completed.  That half bath looks so natural.  You would never think at one time it wasn’t there.  The spindles on the handrail for the stairs will go in the first part of next week.  We will be using the same metal spindles that we used on 444 Dartmouth.

Living Room Brookside, Vizionkc

The cabinets have finally been installed in the kitchen.  I love how the natural light just pours into this room.  The granite counters will be installed early next week.

Kitchen, Brookside, Vizionkc

I think this is the first double vanity we’ve put in one of our renovations.  This is in the full bath upstairs.

Double Vanity, Vizionkc, Brookside, Bathroom

From the way things look we should be able to list this house on the market by the end of next week.

This Is Where We Started

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