From 70 Degrees To Snowing In 48 Hours

If you would’ve told me on Thursday that on Saturday it was going to snow I may have thought you were crazy.  I distictly remember saying on Thursday that the snow season was over.  Boy was I wrong.

When I stepped outside this morning the last thing I expected to see next to an alien spacecraft was snow.  In fact considering how the weather had been over the past week an alien space craft may have made more sense.   Naturally about half of my clients canceled their appointments with me today due to the snow.

The snow

Incase you coudn’t tell I’m not a big fan of snow.  I’m not even a small fan of snow.  Even that’s not entierely true.  I like seeing snow on television or in photo books just not in my front yard.  Snow makes things like driving difficult and since I drive a lot I prefer to drive without difficulties.  I guess at least I’m thankful that by the time I woke up the streets had been cleared.


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