Just Passed The 100k Points Mark

Well it happened.  My first blog post was on July 30th 2008.  Back then I never thought that I would be blogging for this long enough to get this many points.  In fact I remember seeing Chris Lengquist and thinking that it would take years for me to get as many points as he had.

At some point on my path to 100k I honestly stopped caring about the points.  For me posting on this blog and commenting on other people blogs just became part of my routine.  Sort of like making videos for our company youtube channel and connecting with people on twitter.  It’s all just part of what I do now.

I guess the big question is if all this blogging stuff really works.  In a nutshell yes.  Thanks to our various online marketing efforts I’ve sold a few houses and leased countless rental properties.  Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was realizing that people other than AR members read these blogs.  Infact two of the buyers clients I’m currently working with found me through my blogging efforts here on AR.  I expect that this number will increase as more buyers turn to the internet for their real estate needs.

In addition to the customer connections I’ve made here.   I’m also equally thrilled with all the interesting. knowledgeable and surprisingly friendly individuals I’ve connected with here on AR.  Initially I was going to make a list of all the bloggers who have inspired me to keep on blogging on AR.  While I was making this list I realized that me leaving someone off of this list was inevitable.  So here’s the 5 bloggers I check out daily.

Sandy Shores —  I love the post she does on investing.  It’s interesting to see how other investors do things in a different part of the country. Plus she has a cool name.

Greg Nino — This guy says so many thing that I’m thinking.  Plus he’s smart as a wip.

Robert Swetz — Vegas Bob sure knows how to take a picture.  Lots of thought provoking posts as well.

Maria Morton —  A great Kansas City blogger.  What can I say I love when local bloggers join AR.

Ben Edsall — Another local blogger.  I share the featured member position with him in Kansas City.  A major inspiration to keep blogging.

Honestly they’re are so many other bloggers I could list but this post has to end somewhere.  Last but not least thanks to everyone who ever left a comment on one of my blogs.

200k points here I come!

816-372-7855 or info@vizionkc.com

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