Progress On 1010 W 70th Pt. 4 (Project Brookside)

First off I should probably address a small issue in last weeks post.  That light blue looking paint is actually primer…not paint.  It sure would look a little strange if the whole house was painted in that color.  Sorry for any confusion.   Now with that out of the way lets get into this weeks progress post on 1010 W. 70th Tr.

Most all of the electric and plumbing work has been completed on this renovation.  Generally once this work has been completed the rest of the house starts to really take shape.  From the looks of things we are right on schedule.  This is a photo of the kitchen if you look closely you can see the new plumbing and electric work.

Kitchen 70th Tr.

This is a shot on the opposite side of the kitchen facing northeast.  That plastic sheet on the other side of the ladder is going to be the new entrance to the garage.  From this angle you can also see the half bath.  The entrance to the half bath is from the living room.   In a few short weeks you’ll think that this half bath was always on this side of the kitchen.  If you look closely you can also see the new plumbing for the half bath.

Garage Door

New flooring has been installed in the upstairs full bathroom.  This is your typical Jack and Jill bathroom.

Jack and Jill bath

The new bathtub has been installed as well.


The master bathroom has been expanded.   The bathroom was already quite large.  Now its even bigger.  I believe a portion of this space used to be the closet.


This is a shot of the Master bedroom facing south.  I believe the closet will be going on the far side of this room.

Master Bedroom

This Is Where We Started

What is Project Brookside?

More Info On 1010 W 70th Tr

816-372-7855 or

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