Progress On 4408 Grandview Pt. 3 (Project Brookside)

I stopped by our renovation of 4408 Grandview after a few showing at 9808 E. 76th Tr in Raytown, MO.  I’m pretty excited to have another large house like that on the market.

Most of the new windows have already been installed in this house.  I’m still trying to think of the best way for us to landscape this house.  We don’t get many houses with circle drives like this one.

4408 Grandview

Lots of progress has been made on this house in the basement.  The room you see in this picture will become the 5th bedroom.

Basement Bedroom

On the opposite side of the basement will be the full bathroom.  It looks like a good portion of the electic work has been completed down here.  The shower basin has also been installed.


This is where the basement kitchen will be at.  As you can see the tear out has been completed on this side of the basement.


I noticed a few weeks ago that there was a basketball goal in the backyard of this house.  I’m highly recomending that we keep this basketball goal.  Granted anyone can put up a basketball goal but in a house like this it could be a really good plus.


This Is Where We Started

More Information On 4408 Grandview

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