Progress On 1010 W 70th Tr. (Project Brookside) Pt. 5

Things are really starting to come together at 1010 W 70th tr. From the looks of things were well on pace to be done by April.  I’m always surprised at how quicky our crews are able to renovate a house.  Granted this house was already in good condition when compared to our renovation a few blocks away at 444 Dartmouth.

As you can see our crews have started doing the exterior paint.  Ive noticed that once you start working on the exterior of a house the neighbors really start to pay attention the renovation.

1010 W 70th

We’ve also started enclosing the porch on the east side of the house.  By enclosing this portion of the house we’re creating additional sitting room just off of the living room.  When completed this portion of the renovation will look very similar to the sitting room on 424 Dartmouth.  Here’s a shot from inside this enclosed area .

Enclosed Porch

Can you even reckognize this kitchen from when we started?  As you can see a lot has taken place on this renovation since last week.  From the looks of things we should be installing tile sometime next week.  This is a shot of the kitchen facing northeast.   That opening will be a door that leads to the garage.  The half bath is just on the other side of that far wall.


This is another shot of the kitchen facing Southeast.

Kitchen Remodel

What appears to be a brand new attic fan has also been installed upstairs.  This is the first time I’ve seen us install one of these in a house.

Attic Fan

This is one more shot of us enclosing the porch from outside.

Porch Enclosing.

This Is Where We Started

What is Project Brookside?

More Info On 1010 W 70th Tr

816-372-7855 or

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