Progress On 4408 Grandview (Project South KC) Pt .4

The crew at 4408 Grandview continue to move along at at their own pace.  Granted this house is a bit larger than most.  After all how many homes do you come across that will have 2 kitchens.  Not a week pases that I don’t get a phone call from someone who drives by this house inquiring about the bedrooms, bathrooms, and of course the price.  I really think that this house is poised for a quick sale upon completion not only because of all the phone calls we’ve received but also because of where its located.  IHOP a very popular local religous organization is located less than a mile away.  Our brokerage Glad Heart Realty is also located very close to this property.  I can’t wait to see how quickly it sells.

When I stopped the property early Saturday morning I was a little surprised to see this crew hard at work painting the exterior.  We’ve never used this crew before but I must say I’m very pleased with their work ethic.  The painters said that they hope to be done with the exterior some time next week.  Here’s a shot of the east wall of the house being painted.

4408 Grandview

It doesnt look like much has taken place on the interior of this house since last week.  I did notice that the bathtubs had been installed in the main bathroom.

4408 Grandview Tub

This Is Where We Started

More Information On 4408 Grandview

Kansas City Homes For Sale


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