Vizion & Glad Heart Realty Have Joined Forces

It occured to me earlier today that while Vizion has been using Glad Heart Realty for more than year as its real estate brokerage there was no blog post on the Vizion site announcing or explaining our union.  This blog post will explain why Vizion has selected Glad Heart Realty as its real estate brokerage and will also provide some basic background information on Glad Heart Realty and the IHOP ministry which it serves.

First a little history about Glad Heart Realty

Glad Heart Realty is located right off of Red Bridge Road in South Kansas City, MO.  It was founded in the summer 2001 and is run and operated by Diane Bickle.  While Glad Heart Realty services all area of the Kansas City Metro area their primary area of focus is in the South Kansas City and Grandview area.  Among the many things that makes Glad Heart Realty great is that 100% of their corporate profits goes to supporting the International House of Prayer better known as IHOP.

Then along came Vizion

Saying that South Kansas City is Vizion’s primary area of focus is understatement.  If you take a look at the map of Vizion properties you’ll see why.  During the course of renovating, flipping, and leasing properties in the Kansas City area Vizion had come in contact with Glad Heart Realty several times but it wasn’t until Vizion was in search of a new brokerage closer to the South Kansas City area that the idea of joining Glad Heart Realty came to mind.  Since both companies core focus was in the South Kansas City and Grandview areas it only made sense to join forces.

The Vizion Mission

We are dedicated to providing the people of Kansas City with the home of their dreams. We take pride in transforming the worst house on the block into the nicest home in the neighborhood. All of our fully-remodeled homes feature new high grade carpet, tile, solid granite counter tops, maple cabinets, windows, interior/exterior paint, and stainless steel appliances! You can own a “brand new” home for a “used home” price! Give yourself peace of mind living in a Vizion home located in a family-oriented neighborhood.

Kansas City Homes For Sale

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Housing Stats On Grandview, MO

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Kansas City Homes For Sale


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