Progress On 4408 Grandview (Project South KC) Pt. 6

Our renovation at 4408 Grandview Rd in South Kansas City is just a few weeks away from being completed.  I love how close this house is to Glad Heart Realty and IHOP.  I can’t help but think that this house is going to be quick sale.

As you can see the crews have started painting the shutters on this house.  Whenever I see shutters this color it reminds me of our renovation at 5832 E 99th last summer.


Not much has really happened on this house since last week.  Perhaps the most noticeably difference has been the laying of tile.  Here is a shot of the tile in the entrance way.

Entrance Tile

This is a shot of the upstairs kitchen tile.

Kitchen Tile

This is a shot of the downstairs kitchen tile.

Basement Tile

I can’t wait to see what this crew has in store for us next week.

This Is Where We Started

More Information On 4408 Grandview

Kansas City Homes For Sale


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