Progress Post On 1010 W 70th Tr. (Project Brookside) Pt 7.5

Quite frankly so much is taking place on our renovation at 1010 W 70th Tr that I had to make a midweek progress post.  Generally I don’t like to bother the crews while their on the job but today after checking on a few inspection related things at 424 Dartmouth I decided to stop by and see how things were coming.

The new windows are finally being installed on this house.  Honestly I was staring to wonder if these windows were going to get here on time.  According to our head contractor all the windows should be installed today.

New Windows

While their working our crews tend to cover up the hardwood floors but here’s a shot of floors. Keep in mind that they’re pretty dirty right now.


In last weeks post I somehow left out this simply amazing floor work in the entrance.   Again keep in mind its very dirty right now.

Entrance Tile

I really love the paint selection that’s going into the bedrooms this is a shot of the Master Bedroom.   I also really like the fans in each bedroom.

Master Bedroom

This is the bedroom to the Northwest.   Once again very impressive color scheme.

Bedroom Vizion

This is the third bedroom and the fan in that room.

Bedroom and Fan

The master bathroom was pretty crowded in my last progress post.  This week it was  little cleaner.  Here’s a shot of the shower in the master shower.

Tile in CD

This is one of the nicest kitchens we’ve done in a long time.  I love these cabinets.


Another shot of the kitchen from another angle.


We really haven’t really focused on the finished basement in these progress posts.  But then again there really hasent been much to discuss.  Until now.


Here is a close up of the lights on the wall.


This is another shot with the light on.  I think my camera might have distorted this one a little bit.

Light lit.

In the backyard we’ve cut an opening to the grassy portion of the backyard behind the garage.


We’re finally entering the finishing stages of this renovation.  I will have another post on this house early next week since everyone at the Vizion team will be outof town over the weekend.

This Is Where We Started

What is Project Brookside?

More Info On 1010 W 70th Tr

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