Progress On 4408 Grandview (Project South KC) Pt. 7

Things are finally starting to come together on our renovation at 4408 Grandview.  I love the fact that this house is going to hit the market just as the selling season comes into full swing.  Many of the real estate agents at Glad Heart Realty have been asking us when this house will be done.  Granted its a little early to tell but I’m willing to be we hit a home run with this house.  5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 2 kitchens right in the heart of the IHOP community.  Needless to say we’re all eager to see how this house sells.

Interior paint was a big focus this week.  This is as photo of the living room leading into the dining area.

Living Room

The cabinets in the upstairs kitchen have been installed. Lots of great cabinet space in this kitchen.  Potential buyers are going to love that.

Kitchen Cabinets

One more shot of the upstairs kitchen from a different angle.

Kitchen Cabinets,

This is the laundry area.  It’s located in the basement right before you get to the second living area.


Looks like the basement kitchen will be set next week.

Basement Kitchen

This Is Where We Started

More Information On 4408 Grandview

Members Of Glad Heart Realty

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