Its Vision With a “Z” in the middle. Not Verizion. Duh.

It appears that some people are very confused about our company name.  Pleae allow me to clear things up.  Its Vision.   Don’t let the “Z”  fool you.  I wasn’t around when the company name was being selected.  Perhaps if I had been I would have pushed for a simpler spelling but since I was not there this is what we’ve got…so deal with it.

You may be asking yourself what drove me to write this blog post now.  After all I’ve been with the company for more than year.  Haven’t I grown a custom to hearing people call the company every variation of its name that you can imagine?  Yes.   But earlier today while I was on the phone spelling the company name to a lady for the fourth time all I could think about was writing this blog post. 

Now I know that writing this won’t solve nothing.  People will continue to call us Verizon and everything else under the sun.  And I’m okay with that.   Besides with a title like this I’m likely to pick up all kinds of web traffic.  Chances are lots of people know how to say our company name. (Vizion) They just don’t realize that instead of an “S”  your supposed to put a “Z”.

Maybe by writing this we will show up higher in the search results for both vision properties and Verizon properties.

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