Progresss On 4408 Grandview (Project South KC) Pt. 8

We’re in the finishing stages of our renovation at 4408 Grandview.  Carpet was installed on Friday and the majority of the interior paint was completed on Wednesday.  I can’t wait to get this hosue on the market.  Just look at it.   Couldnt you just call this place home?


Its a lot easier to start relaxing about a renovation getting done once the carpet has been installed.  I love how open this living space feels.  It sort of reminds me of the renovation we did 13608 Spring St in Grandview, MO.

Living Room

The upstaris kitchen was set last week but take a look at how the downstairs kitchen is turning out.

Basement Kitchen

The bathrooms have also all been set.


Feels good knowing that we’re almost done with this renovation.  If my calculations are right we may be able to list this house next week.

This Is Where We Started

More Information On 4408 Grandview

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