You Know What’s Not Cool? Messy Tenants. Speechless Sunday

I just got done with an eviction and had to share these pictures with you guys.  The funny thing is that we pulled these appliances out of the house in fear that they would be stolen.  Looking back on it I wish they had been stolen.

I understand that cleaning a gas stove isn’t fun. Really I do.  I have one.   But you know what?  I clean mine.  Because if I don’t then one day its going to look like this.

Dirty Range.

And once it gets to this point its pretty hard to clean.  In fact once its at this point I’m pretty sure the only option is to throw it away and buy a new one.  Looks like the next tenant to live at this  house is going to get a brand new range because I can’t just lease the place out with a range that looks like this.

Dirty Range

Just in case you were wondering the fridge wasn’t in much better shape but I think we may be able to salvage it.  Maybe.

Dirty Fridge.

Seriously.  How do you put your food in there?  Needless to say I was rather Speechless on this Sunday.

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