First Look At 453 W 70th Ter (Project Brookside)

Project Brookside

Location: 453 W. 70th Ter Kansas City, MO

4 Bedrooms / 3.5 Baths / Finished Basement /  Loft /  Basketball Court

Estimated Time of Arrival: July

Estimated List Price: $555,000

Well here it is Vizion’s largest flip to date.  If you’ve been following me on twitter over the past few weeks you’ve probably seen me make a few references to this amazing house in brookside.  I even posted a picture once. Truth be told this house is simply amazing and once our crews are done with I assure you it will be the best house on the market.  This home is bigger than the house we did at 425 W 70th and bigger than the one did at 444 Dartmouth.  Both of which are currently pending.  It’s always difficult to describe a house this beautiful so I’ll just list a few features.

  • Huge loft on the top level with gigantic balcony that over sees a personal basketball court and half of this gorgeous brookside neighborhood.
  • Huge bedrooms and bathrooms.  Trust me you’ve never seen a master bedroom layout like this.  At least not in this price range.
  • Finished basement.
  • Gigantic kitchen with more cabinet space than you could imagine.  I’ve seen the other houses on the market in this neighborhood.  This kitchen will truly be one of a kind.   You’ve never seen anything like this.
  • Two car detached garage.
  • Personal basketball court with 3 point line.
  • I think you get the idea.  This house will simply be amazing.

What Is Project Brookside?

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