Progress On 8801 E 81st (Project Raytown) Pt. 1

Renovation started this week at 8801 E 81st in Raytown, MO.  It’s always great to start a renovation knowing that an end buyer is already in place.  That being said this is already shaping up to a pretty impressive home for the price.  4 bedroom, 2.5 baths, finished basement, 2 fireplaces.  Vizion’s personal crew is doing this house which means that this house is going to get done quickly.

As you can see a lot of the tear out has already been completed.  This is going to be a beautiful kitchen with maple cabinets and granite counters when we’re done.

Kitchen Raytown Vizion

This is going to be the main bath.  I’ve already talked to the contractor and we will be placing a double bowl vanity in this bathroom.

Bathroom Vizion Raytown

This is a shot of the master bathroom.  As you can see we’ve really opened this bathroom up.  Lots of space in here.

Master Bathroom Vizion Raytown

One of the real benefits of this house is that the laundry is on the main level.  I’d say that 75% of the homes we do have the laundry either in the basement or in the garage.

Basement Vizionkc Raytown

As if this house didn’t have enough space upstairs you’ve also got a full finished basement including; family room, half bath, 4th bedroom.  This is a shot of the basement bedroom.  This room is huge!   Rough estimates are 20×16.

4th bedroom

Basement family room.  On the far left of this room is where the half bath will be located.

Basement Vizion

This Is Where We Started

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