Oh What A Difference The Yard Makes

To put it bluntly curb appeal is important.  The landscaping is the first thing that people notice when they pull up at a house.  I truly belive that if you want to get on a potential buyers good side early make sure that your listings yard is in good shape.  I’ve included a few before and after shots of  one of my listing just to help prove my point.

Here is one of my listings that just recently sold.  It was flip for an investor.  After about $80k in remodel work the house looked like this.

444 Dartmouh Before The landscaping.

Sure this house had brand new everything.  Hardwood floors, Granite Counters, New Window, etc.  But without the right yard this house looked cold.  Over and over again potential buyers would ask what the sellers was planning on doing with the yard.  Fortunately the seller was willing to go the extra mile.  Here is how the house looks now.

444 Yard

Now doesn’t that house look like a home. What a difference the yard makes.

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