Progress On 6644 Larsen (Project Shawnee) Pt. 1

After a showing our rental property at 10416 W 63rd Ter I stopped by our custom home remodel at 6644 Larsen also in Shawnee, KS.  We love doing houses in Johnson County especially since this area is so popular among home buyers.  Almost every week we get email from potential buyers and renters looking for Vizion homes in this area of Kansas.

As you can see the tear out has been completed in this house.  I love how much we’ve opened up the kitchen in this house.  After you’ve see several of these home renovation takes place its very easy to see how the kitchen is going to lay out.  Just thinking about how beautiful this kitchen is going to be is very exciting.

Shawnee, KS, Larsen, Vizion

Here is a shot of the bathroom.  Its hard to believe from the looks of things but in a few weeks this is going to be a very beautiful home.

bathroom, Vizion, Shawnee, KS

This home is a custom home renovation.  The end buyer is already in place.  If your interested in Vizion custom remodeling a home for you give us a call today.

816-372-7855 or

This Is Where We Started

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