Changes In My Blogging

I’ve been thinking for quite sometime now that I need to change to the way I do my blogging.  For those of you who don’t know here is the blogging process I go thru pretty much every week.

Each week I take a trip out to to each of the properties Vizion is renovating.  I found these trips to be very beneficial not only for contributing content to the website but also for checking and making sure that things Vizion wants done are actually getting done.   While I’m out at each project I take a few pictures and mentally take note of all the major changes which have taken place since I was last at the property.  On average Vizion has about 4 home renovation in process so as you can imaging this is a very time consuming process but somehow I find time to fit it into my schedule.

After I’ve  been to each property I upload the picures to the computer and type a progress post like this.  All in all each progress post takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how many pictures I decide to upload and how fast my internet/computer decides to work on that particular day.

I prefer to write and publish my blogs on my wordpress site Justin Of Vizionkc mainly because of the easy to use wordpress format then move copy and paste those blogs to ActiveRain and then finally copy and paste those posts to the Vizionkc site.   This blog posting format has worked out very well for me but I can’t help but think that things need to change.

When I first started the Justin of Vizionkc blog its was supposed to be about me and my journey with Vizionkc.  But as things continued it rapidly just became a duplicate of the vizionkc site.  I’ve decided that this is no good.  After all I have my own thoughts and many of them have nothing to do with Vizionkc.  Its for that reason that I’ve decided to completely stop posting to Justin of Vizionkc.

For the few readers who still visit Justin of Vizionkc I will be starting a new blog and most likely gaining new readers.  While the name of the new site has yet to be created it will most definetlly be on tumblr.

If this post seems really random for me don’t worry it is.

Yes I will still keep posting to and commenting in the rain.


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