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Changes In My Blogging

I’ve been thinking for quite sometime now that I need to change to the way I do my blogging.  For those of you who don’t know here is the blogging process I go thru pretty much every week.

Each week I take a trip out to to each of the properties Vizion is renovating.  I found these trips to be very beneficial not only for contributing content to the website but also for checking and making sure that things Vizion wants done are actually getting done.   While I’m out at each project I take a few pictures and mentally take note of all the major changes which have taken place since I was last at the property.  On average Vizion has about 4 home renovation in process so as you can imaging this is a very time consuming process but somehow I find time to fit it into my schedule.

After I’ve  been to each property I upload the picures to the computer and type a progress post like this.  All in all each progress post takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how many pictures I decide to upload and how fast my internet/computer decides to work on that particular day.

I prefer to write and publish my blogs on my wordpress site Justin Of Vizionkc mainly because of the easy to use wordpress format then move copy and paste those blogs to ActiveRain and then finally copy and paste those posts to the Vizionkc site.   This blog posting format has worked out very well for me but I can’t help but think that things need to change.

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Wordless Wednesday. Oprah Bought My Team Lunch Today.

I haven’t seen much discusson about it here on ActiveRain but last night and earlier today twitter was a buzz over whether or not Oprah had really purchased a KFC meal for everyone in the country.  Well let me put the debate to rest.  She did.  The offer was real and my only regret is that I wasn’t able to post the truth earlier.  All the meals on this table were free.  Yes even the drinks.  I never thought I would say this but thanks Oprah.


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I’m Thinking Tenats In The Auto Industry Are Risky Right Now.

With all the turbulence in the auto industry I’ve become increasingly weary of potential tenants who work for one of the big 3 car manufactures.  Previously if I saw that someone worked at GM for instance I would actually feel a little comfort in knowing that their jobs were at least some what secure.  But nowadays who knows.  In the past month I’ve found out that 4 of our tenants have either lost their jobs completely or had their hours severely cut back.  Two of thest tenats are currently looking for new jobs and have requested to be placed on payments plans.  The other two are more than likely going to end up being evicted.  That means more vacant houses and a higher turnover rate both of which are negatives we strive to avoid.

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You Know What’s Not Cool? Messy Tenants. Speechless Sunday

I just got done with an eviction and had to share these pictures with you guys.  The funny thing is that we pulled these appliances out of the house in fear that they would be stolen.  Looking back on it I wish they had been stolen.

I understand that cleaning a gas stove isn’t fun. Really I do.  I have one.   But you know what?  I clean mine.  Because if I don’t then one day its going to look like this.

Dirty Range.

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Progress On 1010 W 70th Tr. (Project Brookside) Pt. 8

If you haven’t seen it yet I would recommend taking a look at our midweek progress post before checking out this one.  Our renovation of 1010 W 70th Tr is truly in the finishing stages.  Most of this week the painters have been hard at work and those new windows we’ve been wondering about have finally been installed.

As you can see the house is really starting to come together.  This is shot of the front of the house after the new windows had been installed.

Front 70th Tr Vizion Windows

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Wordless Wednesday I Wonder What The Neighbors Think.

Trash and Windows

Sure once the house is done its going to be one of the nicest houses on the block.  But during the renovation you’ve really got to wonder what the neighbors are thinking.   A large home renovation like this produces lots of trash.  Sometimes I really do wonder what the neighbors think.  On the plus side once the remodel is done and all the trash is removed another beutiful Vizion home will stand here for years to come.

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Progress On 1010 W 70t Tr. (Project Brookside) Pt. 6

A lot has happened on this renovation since last week.  I’m really surprised at how quickly our crews are working to complete this renovation.  If they continue at this pace we should have no problem wrapping up this remodel by our deadline of April 15th.  Since so much has taken place on this renovation this progress post will be a little bit longer than usual.   On the plus side that means lots more photos!

The new tile flooring has been installed in the kitchen and bathrooms.  This is a shot of the half bath just off of the downstairs living room.  I’m really impressed at how well this half bath came together.  It’s hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago this room wasn’t even here.

Half bath

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