First Peek At Project Rosedale…Just 5 Minutes From KU Med School…Yes There Is A Video.

Today I drove out to Wyandotte County to show 1411 S. 51st. While I was out there I stopped by and snuck a peak at Project Rosedale. This property is actually quite a bit larger than I had expected and will be an absolute steal at only $800 per month.

To say that this property needs some rehab would be an understatement. Currently there are two large holes in the ceiling and when it rains water pours into the living/dining room. The bathroom is in great shape but the tile work looked a tad bit dated to me. Structurally the property is sound and will need no foundation repair which is rare. Fortunately this property has no basement so neither we nor the future tenats will have to deal with any flooding issues. Oh and did I mention that its only 5 minutes away from KU Med School!!! I will make sure to keep everybody posted on the progress of the remodel!

Here is a Quick Video Enjoy! (This takes a second to load but is well worth the wait. It also looks much cooler if you make it full screen.)

Property Features I Noticed Upon Arrival

Two Huge Bedrooms / Large Car Port With Built in Shed / Awesome Living/Dining Combo / Laundry/Dryer hookups / Just down the street from KU Med School/

This rental will not last in fact I would not be surprised if we end up finding a tenant before the property is completed. If your interested in renting this property go to and click “Apply Now” inside the “Move” box. Print off the application, fill it out, and fax it in.

What is Project Rosedale?

— Justin of Vizionkc


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